The Phrontisterium, Welcome!

Welcome to my blog. First of all, this blog is for me to get my thoughts and inner musings out of my mind and into a physical form. I chose thephrontisteric with the help of my sister and because when she discovered the word it sounded like something I was. It essentially means a “place for thinking” or “thinking place.” This will be my digital place for thinking.

These are my thoughts with no regard to how others will perceive, judge, or accept. Whether it is agreed with or not is of no concern to me. I only want to put my thoughts down so that I may look at them and reevaluate them and so that others may also see them and notice the differences in thought from another person. This may seem a little pretentious (because it is) but it’s also because I love to argue and be the “devil’s advocate.” Differing perspectives have always been interesting and quite insightful to me.

Also, I started this so that my sister and I can have a place to interact across a vast physical distance and see who else holds similar opinions, beliefs, morals, and habits. I want it to attract opposing, conflicting, and adversarial viewpoints too. No perspective is unwanted but it is desired that it be presented logically, passionately, and tolerable to rival mentalities. So do not become offended with unwarranted reason.

Welcome to my Phrontistery!